President Sukarno Announces the Withdrawal of the Indonesian Government from the United Nations
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March 15, 1965

President Sukarno Announces the Withdrawal of the Indonesian Government from the United Nations

Jakarta – In a surprising announcement, President Sukarno today declared the withdrawal of the Indonesian government from membership in the United Nations (UN). This decision reflects the increasing tension between Indonesia and several UN member states and marks a significant change in Indonesia’s foreign relations.

In his speech, broadcasted live on national radio and television, President Sukarno expressed his dissatisfaction with what he considered unfair and discriminatory policies of the UN. He asserted that this decision was made to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the Indonesian nation.

“Indonesia will no longer be a member of an organization that does not respect the sovereignty and justice for nations that have not yet achieved full independence. We declare our withdrawal from the United Nations with the aim of protecting and fighting for the rights of the Indonesian people,” President Sukarno emphasized.

This decision was also triggered by the tensions arising from the confrontation crisis with Malaysia and differences of opinion regarding the resolution of the conflict in the Papua region. The Indonesian government felt that the UN did not provide adequate support in addressing these issues.

Although this withdrawal surprised many, especially the UN member states, President Sukarno hoped that this step would strengthen Indonesia’s position in the struggle for decolonization and promote the interests of nations in Asia and Africa.

Reactions from UN member states to this announcement are still unclear. However, some countries that have had disputes with Indonesia on various issues have expressed concerns regarding this decision.

Indonesia’s withdrawal from the UN has significant implications for its position in international diplomacy. Membership in this organization provided Indonesia with access to a global platform to raise national issues and participate in decision-making related to world peace and security.

As time goes by, the effects of this decision will become more apparent. Nevertheless, this change also reflects a shift in Indonesia’s foreign policy and the possibility of developing closer bilateral relations with countries both within and outside the UN.

President Sukarno has opened a new chapter in the history of Indonesia’s relationship with the United Nations. Currently, the challenges faced by Indonesia are to build new partnerships with UN member states as well as countries outside the organization, while continuing to uphold national interests and the values believed by the nation.

Note: This article was translated from the original Indonesian text, written based on historical events that occurred on March 15, 1965

By the history department of the Smartencyclopedia


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