Forest Green Rovers raises the bar with new green football kit made from bamboo

The home design – made by sportswear brand PlayerLayer – features a striking zebra-stripe pattern in the club’s bright green and black.

The away design, while also featuring the same stripe effect, is more muted in a grey-black print with green detail.

An announcement statement on the ​club’s website reads: “The new design is inspired by the animal’s natural camouflage – so effect for a dazzle of zebra (the collective noun for a group) when bamboozling predators and stopping them from attacking. The zebra’s striping also makes it harder for rivals to judge their speed and direction.

“In a further nod to nature – the new shirts are the first in football to be made from bamboo – a fast growing, super sustainable material. This year’s kit uses a 50% bamboo mix – significantly reduces the use of plastic.

“Working with its kit partner PlayerLayer, the intention is to further develop this revolutionary approach, to create 100% sustainable high-performance sportswear.”

The statement also notes that club conservation partner Sea Shepherd’s logo all features on the design, while the shorts are sponsored by plant-based milk company Oatly.

Dale Vince, chairman, Forest Green Rovers, said: “We’ve taken inspiration from nature with our new kit – from the zebra stripes to the sustainable materials. I was pretty shocked when I found out that modern sportswear is actually made from plastic – that feels wrong to me, not just from the sustainability point of view, but for performance too.

“Together with PlayerLayer, we’re making strides towards a new approach for football kit – this year’s 50% Bamboo is a stake in the ground (no pun intended), we plan to move beyond that. The aim is 100% sustainable high-performance material.”

The unusual design prompted a mixed reaction on social media.

From the Cotswolds town of Nailsworth, which has a population of under 6,000, Forest Green missed out on promotion to League One in 2018/19, losing in the playoff semi-finals to Tranmere Rovers.

Source: Michael Holder


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