Brexit: UK will choose to rejoin EU after making ‘colossal mistake’ of leaving, says John Major

Ex- Conservative prime minister believes young people will overturn Brexit

Leaving the EU would be a “colossal mistake” but the UK will one day decide to rejoin the bloc, Sir John Major has said.

The former Conservative prime minister said he believed young people would overturn Brexit and form a new alliance with European countries in the future, as the younger generation preferred “cooperation to separation.”

His comments come amid fresh uncertainty over the Brexit process, as EU leaders consider whether to offer Boris Johnson another extension to the UK’s departure from the bloc.

The prime minister is facing a choice between making another attempt to pass his Brexit deal legislation and pushing for an early general election amid speculation of a possible poll before Christmas.

Sir John, who has campaigned for a Final Say referendum, took part in a successful legal challenge against Mr Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament for several weeks in September.

Speaking at the One Young World global forum for young leaders, he said: “Young people have been let down, they overwhelmingly wished to remain in the EU, whereas many of their elders did not.

“One day, I confidently predict, the young ones will re-enter the EU or form a new alliance with them.

“Who knows what lies ahead, but it certainly won’t be conventional and it certainly won’t be dull.”

EU leaders are expected to decide on Friday on whether there should be another Brexit delay.

The bloc is expected to agree a “flextension” to the end of January – as set out in the prime minister’s request – but with the option for the UK to leave before then if parliament approves the Brexit deal.

Mr Johnson was forced to write to EU leaders to ask for a delay due to a backbench law known as the Benn Act. However he refused to sign the letter, in an attempt to make clear it was parliament’s request rather than his own.



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