Introducing the Meraki MX84 Security Appliance

Meraki is introducing a powerful security appliance for the branch. Say hello to the new MX84 security appliance. The MX84 packs a real punch, with double the performance and capacity of its predecessor. Port counts are up on the new model, with two dedicated WAN ports for active-active Ethernet/VPN WAN links. LAN connections have increased too, with 8 Ethernet ports (up from 4 on the previous model) and the addition of 2 brand new SFP fiber ports.

Since the MX84 (and the other MX models) support dual WAN connections, it’s important to ensure that both connections can be used to their fullest potential. To that end, Meraki is announcing support for dual-active VPN connectivity and Intelligent WAN (IWAN) features. With Meraki IWAN, customers will be able to configure their security appliances to support automatic policy-based and performance-based routing decisions, ensuring more demanding applications get the bandwidth they require, and seamless failover in the event a VPN connection is dropped for any reason.

Every Meraki device – including wirelesss access points, Ethernet switches, and security appliances – connects over the Internet to Meraki’s datacenters, which run Meraki’s cloud management plat- form. These connections, secured via SSL, utilize a patented protocol that provides real time visibility and control, yet uses minimal band- width overhead (typically 1 kbps or less.)

Product Highlights

• 500 Mbps Stateful Firewall Throughput

• Supports up to approximately 200 users

• VPN throughput: 120 Mbps

• 3G / 4G failover via USB modem

• Interoperates with standards-based IPsec VPNs

• Google SafeSearch and YouTube for Schools

• Lifetime hardware warranty with advanced

replacement included

• 10 × GbE (2 WAN), 2 × SFP, and 1 × USB 2.0

interface (for 3G/4G failover)

• Identity-based policies

• Auto VPN™ self-configuring site-to-site VPN

• Client VPN (IPsec)

• User and device quarantine

• VLAN support and DHCP services



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