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Researchers and radiologists at the University of Cairo, Egypt, seem to be increasingly close to discovering the origin of the mysterious “screaming mummy”, discovered in 1881 near Luxor and one of the most valuable objects of investigation in the last 140 years. With a frightening appearance, the fossil dated around 3,200 years may have died a much more natural death than previously believed.

Mystery revealed

After batteries of CT scans and the application of radiography techniques, it was revealed that the body, which was approximately 60 years old when it was still alive, suffered from severe atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries, obstructing the blood vessels of the heart and causing agonizing pain.

The clinical picture was also observed in some arteries in the neck, abdominal aorta, iliac arteries and in those of the lower limbs, proving that the woman’s body was seriously compromised.

“We assume that embalmers probably mummified the ‘screaming mummy’s contracted body before decomposing or relaxing. They were unable to close their mouths or lay down their contracted bodies, as usual in other mummies, preserving their facial expression and posture at the time of death, ”said Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, saying that the mummification process occurred possibly after a fulminant heart attack.

“Dr. Hawass discovers the mystery of the ‘screaming woman mummy'”

The royal lineage mummy

The first trace of this mummy’s offspring was found wrapped in a linen cloth on the woman, with an Egyptian phrase that said “The royal daughter, royal sister of Meret Amon”.

Along with it, another body, called “mummy of the screaming man”, was found and later identified as that of Pentaur, son of Pharaoh Ramses III. The prince who was killed with a cut in his throat after being found guilty due to a conspiracy against his father, would be the second indication that the deceased would, in fact, have some real connection.

Despite advances in the main clarifications on the case and long studies to determine the origin of the body, the researchers still intend to continue the deep genetic analysis to better understand who the mummy was.

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