Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command Expands its Cyberspace Capabilities by Activating Two Units
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This week, Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command expands its cyberspace capabilities with the activation of two new units.

MARFORCYBER conducts the full spectrum of offensive and defensive cyberspace operations in order to enable freedom of action across all warfighting domains and deny the same to adversaries. Activating these two units will increase their ability to secure networks and maneuver within cyberspace.

“The environment has changed. Strategic competitors are developing capabilities and postures that challenge our competitive advantage. Creating these two units will make it more difficult for adversaries to target our networks,” said Maj. Gen. Ryan P. Heritage, commander, MARFORCYBER.

On 01 Nov. 2021, Marine Corps Cyberspace Operations Group activated the Network Activity Marine Corps Forces Reserve. Network Activity Reserve will control the Marine Corps Enterprise Network for all of Marine Forces Reserve and its home training centers covering approximately 150 sites geographically dispersed across 48 states and territories.

The MCEN is the Marine Corps’ communications backbone connecting computers, people, and related devices. The network provides robust, seamless, and secure end‐to‐end communications for all Marines; from the supporting establishment to forward-deployed forces.

Heritage added, “MARFORCYBER is focused on creating the necessary structure that assures command and control across the enterprise and allows us to integrate effects from every domain in support of the warfighter.”

On 05 Nov. 2021, Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group will activate a cyberspace battalion whose mission is to execute cyberspace operations and all-domain information maneuvers for United States Marine Corps, joint and combined forces. The new unit provides improved command and control of defensive cyberspace units while allowing MCCYWG to focus on its mission to man, train, and equip the greater cyber force.


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