NFL: Indianapolis Colts take no notice of the New York Jets and run over in the opening of week 9

Indianapolis Colts didn’t give a chance to the New York Jets and won with a lot of ease on Thursday Night Football.

The NFL Week 9 Thursday Night Football was a real beating. The Indianapolis Colts were unaware of the New York Jets and won 45-30.

The match even started balanced in Indiana, but soon the Colts took command of the scoreboard and were never threatened again. The home side took the lead with a 34-yard touchdown from Hines, who put the score 7-0.

Still, in the first period, the Jets tied with a 19-yard pass from White to Moore, but the balance was there. In the second room, the Colts fired.

First, it was Jonathan Taylor who ran 21 yards into the end zone to make it 14-7. Next, Doyle received a 1-yard pass and made it 21-7.

The Jets dropped to 21-10 with a field goal, but the Colts doubled their lead before the break. Pittman Jr received an 11-yard pass and made it 28-10.

In the second half, it became a tour. Even Danny Pinter, from the Colts’ offensive line, joined the party and received a touchdown pass and Indianapolis increased the advantage until the end of the game.

Source: ESPN



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