Desert turns into a warehouse for tons of clothes… never used

Shocking images show the consequences of excessive and unrestrained clothing consumption.

Chile’s Atacama Desert has become home to thousands of pieces of clothing that are discarded across the US, Europe, and Asia.

At a time when a lot is said about recycling, the images that come to us from the place are proof of the impact that the excessive and fleeting consumption of clothes can have.

As explained by AFP, the garments are made in China and Southeast Asia, and later purchased by the port of Iquique, in this region of Chile.

The objective is to sell them, but there are not always buyers to sell all the products. As a result, these are deposited in the desert, where currently about 39 thousand tons of abandoned pieces are found.

The images that follow should serve as an alert to the need for a circular economy, in which the sale of products that are no longer used – such as clothes – is a good way to promote the planet’s sustainability.

Source: with agencies


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