The Israeli army chief noted that “operational plans to deal with Iran and the nuclear military threat are being accelerated”.

Israeli defense officials stressed that the country is preparing for the possibility of an armed conflict with Iran and its allies, reports the Associated Press.

The head of the Israeli army, General Aviv Kohavi, indicated this Tuesday that the military forces are “accelerating operational plans and readiness to deal with Iran and the nuclear military threat”. Kohavi’s statements were made before the Knesset Defense Committee, the Israeli parliament.

Also, Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister, spoke in a tone similar to that of the army chief during a visit to a factory in Shlomi.

Gantz stressed that Israel is “permanently working to prevent war”, but admitted that in the event of war “we will be prepared to carry out operations that have not been seen in the past, with means that were not in our hands in the past, which will strike the heart of terror and its capabilities.”

Last month, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid had already said that if “a terror regime acquires a nuclear weapon, we must act”.

Iran has insisted that the development of its nuclear program is being done for a peaceful purpose.

Source: with agencies


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