Israel unveils new ‘revolutionary’ electronic warfare system to combat drones and missiles

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled a family of new electronic warfare systems designed to combat a variety of threats, including drones, ships, missiles, and airborne radar.

The Scorpius family of systems thoroughly scans a surrounding area for targets and launches targeted beams to interfere with multiple threats across the electromagnetic spectrum.

The system effectively interrupts the functioning of electromagnetic systems, including radars, electronic sensors, blocking navigation and data communication.

The system has unprecedented reception sensitivity and transmission power, allowing it to simultaneously detect and combat multiple threats of different types from far greater distances than it was capable of in the past.

“We call the [system] ‘soft protection.’ It is an offensive weapon that does not launch missiles. It is not a lethal destruction system. However, it is very effective in combating and deactivating enemy systems,” said Gideon Fustick, vice president of IAI marketing, writes Forbes.

According to him, the system is called Scorpius because it intends to convey “the feeling of something harmless that actually has a very powerful stinger”.

Earlier electronic warfare systems had two options. They could aim a single beam at the sky in search of a specific target or use a wider-band beam.

“If the wider beam is used, it will definitely hit its target, but it will also hit many other things in the same beam, including friendly forces,” he said.

Scorpius can use a broadband beam to look for potential threats in all directions and several concentrated beams to attack them.

“One of the advantages of electronic or soft defense systems is that the cost per activation is practically zero,” explained Fustick, who defined Scorpius as a “revolution” that constitutes “the future of electronic warfare.”

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