Biden says the United States “is considering” boycotting Beijing2022

US President Joe Biden said this Thursday that the country is “considering” a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing2022 Winter Olympics, as a way to protest human rights violations on Chinese soil.

“It’s something we’re considering,” said Joe Biden in Washington when asked whether the government was considering not sending any representatives to the competition.

Making it clear that athletes will be able to compete, the president has not ruled out a possible diplomatic boycott of all other forms of representation.

China has reacted with strong terms to any mentions of a boycott, which have long been called for by associations and non-governmental organizations, particularly given the treatment of the Uighur population in Xinjiang, which the Americans denounce as a “genocide” situation.

It could also open a new front of diplomatic tension between the two world superpowers, just days after a meeting between presidents, with Biden and Xi Jinping discussing “safeguards” that could avert a conflict.

Beijing2022 will run from February 4th to 20th of next year, in the Chinese capital, and participation in the event has divided US politics, with several bills in Congress aimed either at sanctioning companies that support the event or at urging a total boycott .

If the political representatives split, with a final and official decision expected by the end of the month, the North American Olympic Committee asked that the athletes not to be punished after almost two years of the covid-19 pandemic, besides remembering the boycott in Moscow 1980, among others, as “a mistake”, given the transformation of sport into a “political tool”.

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