UK to require new homes to have an electric charging point

The UK government has already announced that it wants to end sales of gasoline and diesel cars by 2030. Now, the new initiative will require homes that are built from next year to have charging points for electric vehicles.

The new legislation is expected to be part of the British strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

More and more commonly, countries are targeting measures to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. In the case of the United Kingdom, for example, although critics recall that there is no concrete plan to achieve this, the government has already announced that it intends to end sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

More than that, it is now known that the British prime minister will soon announce that the houses that will be built from next year onwards will have to guarantee charging points for electric vehicles. According to Sky News, in addition to new homes, properties undergoing “major renovations” will also be forced to include charging points.

Then, the new measures will apply to both houses and non-residential buildings, and renovations to properties with more than 10 parking spaces. Future-installed charging points will be used for charging fully electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The UK wants to be a green world leader

The UK’s new initiative should be part of the country’s strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and thereby succeed in being a world leader in environmental sustainability issues.

In fact, this year, sales of electric cars increased 107%, compared to the first half of last year, while sales of combustion cars dropped 34%. It should be recalled that, according to The Times, by predicting the sale of millions of electric cars, the UK government has already proposed that the charging points be, necessarily, switched off when demand peaks.

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