Frontex plane to strengthen migration control in the English Channel

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced this Sunday that as of December 1, a plane belonging to the European agency Frontex will be deployed to detect and intercept illegal sea crossings with the United Kingdom.

“Day and night, the plane will be able to help the French, Dutch and Belgian police, because the boats do not just leave France, to observe the networks of traffickers and the crossings and avoid them as early as possible,” said Darmanin, in the end of a meeting in Calais, where ways to control illegal immigration were discussed.

The meeting, convened after the death of 31 people in a shipwreck, on Wednesday, was also attended by the interior ministers of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, and the executive directors security agencies Frontex and Europol.

The meeting had an eminently political character and Darmanin said that France plans to announce “great advances” in the fight against illegal immigration when it assumes the presidency of the Council of the European Union, next January.

The French minister anticipated “an even more intense fight” against migratory flows and their traffickers and took the opportunity to ask the United Kingdom – which was excluded by France from this meeting, after diplomatic incidents between the two countries, on this matter – to take responsibility for the dramas in the English Channel.

“If migrants show up here it is because they are attracted to the UK, by its labor market,” said Darmanin, at the meeting in Calais, calling for a swift and effective contribution from London.

At the end of the meeting, a senior German government official also said it was “urgent” to adopt “an agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom” on migration.

“The UK has an important role to play. We need an agreement between the European Union and the UK,” Stephan Mayer of the German Interior Ministry told a press conference.

The crossing of illegal migrants in the English Channel has intensified since 2018 after European authorities blocked their access to the Eurotunnel, and European countries are now looking for effective ways to stop the smuggling networks of human beings they are accused of. blame in accidents with immigrants.

Source: With Agencies


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