Vladimir Putin worked as a taxi driver after the fall of the Soviet Union

With the end of “historic Russia”, as the Soviet Union describes, the current president of that country worked as a taxi driver to be able to pay the rent. “It’s unpleasant to talk about it,” he said.

Vladimir Putin occasionally worked as a taxi driver during the 1990s because he needed “a little extra money” to pay his rent. “It’s unpleasant to talk about this, to be honest, but unfortunately that was the case,” he assumed. This revelation is part of the documentary “Russia. Recent History,” which debuted last Sunday, reported the state news agency RIA Novosti, quoted by Reuters.

The president of Russia was dragged into this situation due to the crisis that, in 1991, took hold in the country after the fall of the USSR. In the same documentary, the former KGB security services agent characterized the “disintegration” of the Soviet Union as the end of “historic Russia”, an event that remains a “tragedy” for “many citizens”.

To this day, there are several tensions between Russia and the countries that were part of the Soviet Union. Just last week, Putin denounced NATO’s growing military potential along Russia’s borders and called for assurances that the Alliance will not expand to the east.

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