International Navies – EUROPE


The strategic offensive role of a navy is a projection of force into areas beyond a country’s shores (for example, to protect sea lanes, deter or confront piracy, ferry troops, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations).

The World of Navy

International Navies


Belgium (Belgian Armed Forces Naval Component)
Denmark (Royal Danish Navy – Kongelige Danske Marine)
Germany (German Navy – Deutsche Marine)
Finland (Finnish Navy – Suomen Merivoimat – Finländska Marinen)
France (French Navy – Marine Nationale)
Greece (Hellenic Navy)
United Kingdom (Royal Navy)
Italy (Italian Navy – Marina Militare Italiana)
The Netherlands (Royal Netherlnds Navy – Koninklijke Marine)
Norway (Royal Norwegian Navy – Sjoforsvaret)
Poland (Polish Navy – Marynarka Wojenna Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej)
Portugal (Portuguese Navy – Marinha Portuguesa)
Romania (Romanian Navy – Forțele Navale Române
Sweden (Royal Swedish Navy – Marinen)
Spain (Royal Spanish Navy – Armada Espanola)
Turkey (Turkish Navy – Turk Deniz Kuvvetleri)


F 334 NRP Dom Francisco de Almeida
  The NRP D. Francisco de Almeida is the second ship of the Bartolomeu Dias class. She was built at the Royal Koninklijen Marine shipyards and was the seventh Karel Doorman-class ship in service with the Dutch Navy. She was increased to the Portuguese Navy on January 15, 2010. MISSION
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French frigate Auvergne (D654)
Auvergne (D654) is an Aquitaine-class frigate of the French Navy. The Aquitaine class were developed from the FREMM multipurpose frigate program. Development and design Original plans were for 17 FREMM to replace the nine D’Estienne d’Orves-class avisos and nine anti-submarine frigates of the Tourville and Georges Leygues classes. In November 2005 France announced a contract of €3.5 billion for development and the first eight hulls, with options
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NRP Bartolomeu Dias (F333)
The NRP Bartolomeu Dias (tack number: F333) is a frigate of the Portuguese Navy, constituting the first ship of the Bartolomeu Dias class. Bartolomeu Dias was integrated into the Portuguese Navy on January 16, 2009. Until then, it was the frigate HrMs Van Nes (F833) of the Karel Doorman class
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