Russian submarine hits British warship in North Atlantic
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The ship HMS Northumberland was looking for a submarine when the sonar, towed hundreds of meters behind, was hit by the Russians. The case happened in 2020 but it has only been known now.

Um submarino russo colidiu com um sonar de um navio de guerra da marinha britânica, enquanto a embarcação patrulhava o Atlântico Norte.

HMS Northumberland was looking for the Hunter-Killer-class Russian submarine, which had failed to appear on the war frigate’s radar. The British then launched a sonar, towed hundreds of meters behind the boat, which was hit precisely by the Russian submersible – specifically built for the purpose of detecting and sinking other submarines and marine vessels.

The collision took place in late 2020, but it was only confirmed this Tuesday by the British Defense Ministry, according to Radio Free Europe. A film crew aboard the HMS Northumberland filming a documentary captured the crew’s reaction to the submarine’s collision.

The ship, which routinely performs North Atlantic patrol functions, was searching for the submarine along with the Arctic Circle area after the Russian vessel disappeared from the ship’s radar.

A Merlin-class helicopter belonging to the frigate had spotted the submarine’s periscope at the surface before the Russian vessel dived again.

According to the Defense Ministry, HMS Northumberland ended up detecting the submarine with a sonar towed by the frigate – a long tube equipped with hydrophones that allow the ship’s team to “listen underwater”. This was the sonar that was damaged after the collision.

The ship had to dock off the coast of Scotland to repair the equipment, but it has not been confirmed to date whether the submarine suffered any damage or not.

The incident was confirmed by a ministry spokesman, who said on Thursday that “In late 2020 a Russian submarine guarded by HMS Northumberland came into contact with its sonar.”

The Royal Navy routinely monitors ships and submarines as part of the United Kingdom’s defense,” explained the spokesman.

A source linked to the Ministry of Defense confirmed to the BBC that it was unlikely that the collision had been deliberately caused.

Source: with Agencies

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