Berlusconi withdraws from candidacy for president of Italy

Despite being “honored and moved”, the former Italian prime minister withdrew from the presidential candidacy because he did not want to be the cause of “controversies or lacerations” in a nation still fighting the pandemic.

The former prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, withdrew this Saturday from his candidacy in the presidential elections, scheduled for the week. Berlusconi believes he would get enough votes to win, however, the country could enter a serious political division, which would not be positive during the pandemic.

Upon abandoning the presidential bid, Berlusconi said he would have had enough support to be elected to a seven-year term. However, despite being “honored and moved”, he did not want to be the cause of “controversies or lacerations” in a nation still fighting Covid-19.

“The presidency represents the unity of the nation, of the country I love, whose service I dedicated myself for 30 years, with all my energies, abilities and competence”. “In this sense, I decided to take another step on the path of national responsibility”, he justified.

So he asked all those who had pledged to support his presidential candidacy not to choose him. Instead, the former prime minister and his centre-right colleagues will try to “agree on a name capable of garnering broad consensus in parliament”.

The idea of ​​Silvio Berlusconi becoming president of Italy had already sparked a protest earlier this month in Rome, and another had been scheduled for Monday, when voting begins.

This Saturday, Berlusconi also announced that he, along with his allies, opposes any candidacy of current Prime Minister Mario Draghi for the presidency.

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