UK accuses Russia of trying to install pro-Russian regime in Ukraine, threatens to react with sanctions
Liz Truss

The British government says it has evidence that Russia is trying to “install pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine” and threatens that “there will be very serious consequences” if the plan goes ahead.

The UK has accused the Russian government of trying to install a pro-Moscow regime in Ukraine and has threatened to react with severe economic sanctions. Russia rejects the British government’s accusations, which it called “provocative attitudes and nonsense”.

The British Foreign Office said on Saturday that Russian intelligence agents had been in contact with a number of former Ukrainian politicians as part of a plot to invade Ukraine.

The British ministry said it had information that the Kremlin (Russian government) was considering former Ukrainian lawmaker Yevhen Murayev as a potential candidate to head a pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine.

“We will not tolerate the Kremlin’s conspiracy to install pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine,” British Foreign Minister Liz Truss wrote on Twitter. “The Kremlin knows that a military incursion would be a huge strategic mistake, and the UK and our partners would impose a severe cost on Russia.”

The trustee declined to provide evidence to support the allegations, which come at a time of heightened tensions between Russia and the West over a buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border. Russia has deployed 100,000 troops close to the Ukrainian border but insists it has no intention of invading the country.

Earlier this Sunday, the Kingdom warned that Russia would face severe sanctions if it decides to go ahead with that plan. “There will be very serious consequences if Russia takes this step to try to invade [Ukraine] but also install a puppet regime,” British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab told Sky News.

On the Russian side, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the British government’s accusations as “disinformation”, accusing the United Kingdom and NATO of “escalating tensions” over Ukraine. “We urge the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stop these provocative activities and stop spreading nonsense,” the ministry reacted on Facebook.

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