Denmark worries about increased espionage on its territory

Denmark’s intelligence services are concerned, in a report published on Thursday, about an increase in spying activities in this Scandinavian country, whose military intelligence chief is currently in prison on charges of leaking confidential documents.

“A number of foreign states are actively engaged in spying activities against Denmark and the threat of spying has increased in recent years,” the PET intelligence services summarized in a statement.

According to the report, the threat mainly comes from Russia, China, and Iran.

“China makes great efforts to transfer technology”, explained the head of counterintelligence at PET, Anders Henriksen, to the newspaper “Politiken”.

According to him, the threat is latent in some university exchanges.

“Some types of research that, even at a very early stage, could be used for military purposes could pose a problem,” he said.

The report came at a sensitive time for Danish intelligence services.

An investigation by public television DR in May showed that Washington used the Danish submarine cable network until 2014 to listen to the leaders of Germany, Sweden, Norway, and France, including former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Furthermore, Danish military intelligence chief Lars Findsen has been in jail for a month for leaking confidential documents.

The investigation is secret, but according to local media, the case points to the transfer of classified information to Danish vehicles.

Source: Avec Agences


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