France sends frigate to Black Sea and Poland munitions to Kiev
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France announced on Monday the deployment of a frigate to the Black Sea, one of the epicenters of tension in the Ukraine-Russia crisis, and Poland said it would send defensive munitions to Ukrainian authorities.

The French frigate is due to spend three weeks in the Black Sea and is part of the naval group of the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, which will be on a mission in the eastern Mediterranean between February and April, the Navy said in Paris, quoted by the news agency. Spanish EFE.

The “Charles de Gaulle” will leave its homeport on Tuesday for its 14th mission, with 1,200 sailors, 22 Rafale fighter planes, two Hawkeye surveillance planes, and two helicopters.

The aircraft carrier will be accompanied by three frigates, a supply ship, and a nuclear submarine, but will also include other units from three European Union countries (Belgium, Spain, and Greece) and two of NATO’s main allies (the United States and Canada).

According to the French Navy, as in its previous missions, the aircraft carrier will work to combat the reconstitution of the capabilities of the Islamic State terrorist group in the Middle East, but will also be involved in France’s commitments to EU and NATO countries.

France has already announced that it is ready to send “several hundred” troops to Romania to strengthen the defense system of this Atlantic Alliance country that borders Ukraine and has a maritime front on the Black Sea, given the growing tension with Russia.

In Warsaw, the head of the Polish National Security Council (CNS), Pawel Soloch, announced the dispatch of tens of thousands of units of “defensive munitions” to Ukraine.

Soloch said this aid could be extended to humanitarian material, according to EFE.

According to Soloch, the decision was taken at a meeting between Polish President Andrzej Duda and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymir Zelensky, ten days ago in Poland.

Soloch confirmed Warsaw’s intention to provide “political support, but also material assistance, both in the humanitarian and military dimension” to its Ukrainian neighbours.

On the type of munitions in question and when they will be sent, he said that “it depends on the Ukrainian side”, from which the Polish authorities expect an answer, although Poland is “ready to send at any time”.

The head of the Polish NCS also referred to reports on an alliance between Ukraine, Britain, and Poland, specifying that “the details are still being worked out”.

He admitted, however, that the formalization of such an agreement “may be announced this week”.

The Polish authorities did not specify what type of alliance it will be, nor its scope and purpose.

According to the Polish Ministry of Defense, Moscow has had “more than 127,000” soldiers stationed along the Ukrainian border since 2021, which has led to the current situation of tension between Russia, the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Poland appealed to NATO and the United States for a greater international military presence in Eastern Europe to deter Russia from attacking Ukraine and to act as a deterrent.

The Russian and Belarusian armies are planning joint military exercises near the Ukrainian border in the near future, according to EFE.

Source: with Agencies

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