Two German policemen shot dead

Two policemen were killed this Monday during a traffic control operation in the west German state of Rhineland Palatinate. A vast search operation is underway.

The two agents, a man, and a woman were shot dead at 4.20 am (3.20 am in mainland Portugal) in Kusel, near the town of Kaiserlautern, Rhineland Palatinate.

According to the portal of the newspaper “Bild”, the policemen, aged 24 and 29, sent a message via radio shortly before being killed, informing them that they had ordered the stop of a suspicious vehicle.

The reasons for these murders, their possible perpetrators, or the vehicle in which they fled are unknown.

Authorities launched a vast search and capture operation in the southwest of the country and appealed to anyone who saw anything suspicious nearby.

Search operations extend to the regional state of Saar, close to the French border, German police said via the social network Twitter.

“There is no description of the perpetrators or the vehicle used in the escape,” Kaiserslautern police said.

Source: with agencies


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