What is the difference between gardening and landscaping?

Find out which professional to hire for each type of service and understand the differences between them!

Do you know the difference between gardening and landscaping? Many people have doubts and some think they are the same thing, but in fact, they are not. Smartencyclopedia will explain the details of each of these types of service and show you the purposes of each of them in an environment.

Although they are similar subjects, there is a certain difference between gardening and landscaping. In this case, every time we come across or enter incredibly beautiful places with a green aspect, bringing nature to urban and gray environments, this subject comes to mind.

For that, we find the answer in gardening and landscaping. Although it seems that both have the same function, this is not true.

After all, there are differences, even if both works take place together to improve the place and provide extremely pleasant and cozy environments. To understand better, see below the differences between them.


In principle, landscaping is the function where the architect will make the interaction of the environment with the person who requested it. In this case, the professional must know a little about botany, to know what is best or what will not please the client.

Mainly, in places where cement and civilization predominate. Even if it seems impossible, the landscaper is able to turn it into a green place.

In addition, this work is designed by evaluating the possibilities of modifying a certain place, bringing more spirit and improving the astral, and even providing a better quality of life in the environment.

Another interesting point is that it connects people with nature. Due to everyday tasks, many people cannot connect with nature and the landscaping process will provide a connection even within large urban centers or in private homes.


This is the professional who will carry out the maintenance of the plants chosen to decorate the environment. After all, all plant species chosen to add to the environment must undergo maintenance. Special care is required for them to develop with quality.

In this case, the gardener must make observations of irrigation, fertilizing, lighting and regular pruning.

Landscaper functions

As seen earlier, both parties have their roles in favor of a better and more pleasant environment. However, there is a difference between them.

In the case of the landscaper, he is responsible for designing the entire environment and choosing the location of each plant that will enhance the place. In short, he is the designer of the environment.

Gardener roles

In relation to the gardener, he has the function of taking care of each plant that makes up this project. In addition, he will be responsible for ensuring that the plants will receive everything they need to develop with quality and perform their function with excellence. In short, he is the professional who guarantees the beauty of plants.

Therefore, we could see that it is worth doing a landscaping and gardening project. And if you have any doubts and don’t know how to start a natural environment, it is recommended to hire these professionals.


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