Terra Ronca State Park: When to go, Caves, Inns and Tips!

Terra Ronca State Park is an example of how Brazil has impressive places of untouchable nature to discover. There are thousands of kilometers of virgin forest, many beautiful caves, riches of our history, and plenty of adventure waiting for you on this incredible tour!

Where is Terra Ronca? How and when to go there?

Location of Terra Ronca II cave Sao Domingos karst area central Brazil new

Location of Terra Ronca II cave Sao Domingos karst area central Brazil new

Terra Ronca State Parkis located in the state of Goiás, in the city of São Domingos. Its distance from the capital is more than 600 kilometers, so it will be necessary to plan your route there, comparing between bus and plane.

All times of the year are inviting to the park, however, it is always good to avoid rainy days – like in January, for example. Take a look at the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you get the most out of the scenery!

What to do in Terra Ronca – Unmissable Itineraries!

What is so special about Terra Ronca State Park that it is worth a long trip to it? Believe me, the natural beauties there are to impress anyone and for those who love adventure tourism, there is no doubt that this is an unmissable itinerary. We separate some of the most amazing attractions there:

Grottoes and Caves

The first big highlight of this trip is, without a doubt, the huge number of caves of impressive size, some of them more than 60 million years old! Among the grottos and caves in the Terra Ronca park are the 30 largest in the country and the largest is over 90 meters high.

We can mention as unmissable caves the Angélica Cave and the São Bernardo Cave, which was formed by the Palmeira River, present in its interior.

The caves in the region keep not only natural beauties but also much of our history: on many of the walls we find cave paintings dating back more than 10 thousand years.

Festa do Bom Jesus da Lapa

In the municipality of São Domingos, the Festa do Bom Jesus da Lapa takes place every year, on the first days of August. The celebration for the local patron is marked by pilgrims coming from various states for prayers, food, and local performances. For tourists who are close by, it is worth participating and getting to know a little more about the culture of the region!

Stalactites and Stalagmites

Caverna Angelica Parque Estadual Terra Ronca

Angelica Cave Terra Ronca State Park

It is in the Angelica cave that we mentioned above that we find a breathtaking sea of Stalagmites and Stalactites, formed by the fresh waters of the local rivers. For the more adventurous, some points can be explored via water, but the beauties can be seen by everyone who goes to the cave – it is a natural beauty that will be marked in your memory forever!

In addition to the Angelica cave, some others are also rich in these rock formations and, if you have time to visit the 17 open to the public, it will be well worth it!

Underground world

The aquatic and underground world of Terra Ronca is a spectacle on its own. Visiting the caves superficially is possible, but getting to the bottom of them is often the highlight of this trip. The dark halls offer impressive rock formations and it is possible to dive into most of the local caves.

For those who love warm and clean waters, the waterfalls of Terra Ronca deserve a break to enjoy the day – it is rare to see waterfalls with warm waters and it is likely that it will be one of the few places where they exist and are open to the general public.

Terra Ronca is a mix of mystery, untouchable nature, and an underground world that seems to have formed apart from the rest of the planet. It is a tour that deserves a visit of at least three days – and believe me, it will be well worth it!

Where to stay near Terra Ronca?

As you can imagine, there are no large hotels near Terra Ronca Park. But don’t worry: the inns there leave nothing to be desired and some of them offer tour packages to the park, with guides and all the necessary equipment. We separate the three main ones:

Pousada Estação Lunar

Pousada Estação Lunaris close to a village called São João, which has easy access to the Park. As it is located in a more remote location, the inn offers three meals a day, in addition to equipment for the park.

Pousada São Mateus

Pousada São Mateus is one of the most sought-after in the region and has some amenities such as free Wifi and on-site parking. Located in the city of São Domingos de Goiás, it is worth knowing that there are tours to the park that leave directly from them.

Pousada Sertão de Veredas

Also in the city of São Domingos de Goiás, is the Sertão de Veredas inn which, in addition to the common amenities, also has balconies in each room, excellent for those who want to enjoy the fresh air of the region.

Pousada Alto da Lapa

The Alto da Lapa inn is also close to the town of São João and a few kilometers from the city of São Domingos. Like the previous inn, it has a full board and guidance from some local guides.


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