US B-52 bombers in the UK for planned exercise
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The aircraft, from Minot, North Dakota, landed at Fairford, 150 kilometers west of London.

US B-52 bombers arrived in the UK this Thursday to participate in a “long-planned” exercise with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies, the US Air Force announces.

These aircraft, from Minot base in North Dakota, landed at Fairford base, 150 kilometers west of London.

According to the same document, this exercise aims to “improve the readiness and interoperability of air traffic control”, reinforcing the focus on security and sovereignty.

The navy also reports that four destroyers (warships) left the US to participate in a naval exercise in the “sixth fleet” area, which mainly covers the Mediterranean.

In turn, Russia had already announced the arrival in Crimea of ​​six warships to carry out maneuvers in the Black Sea, which borders southern Ukraine.

These exercises come at a time when Russia has begun military maneuvers in Belarus.

Russia is accused by the West of having concentrated tens of thousands of troops along the border with Ukraine to carry out an invasion, which the United States considered imminent.

The Kremlin has denied any intention in that direction and demands guarantees regarding its security from NATO, wanting it to guarantee that it will not make any enlargement to Eastern Europe and that Ukraine’s application for membership will never be accepted, which the Atlantic Alliance obviously refuses to do.

Source: With Agencies

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