US accuses Russia of sending 7,000 more troops to Ukraine border
White House says Russia sent 7000 more troops to Ukraine
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The United States has accused Russia of having increased the military contingent on the border with Ukraine by 7,000 troops in recent days, despite Moscow having announced a partial withdrawal of forces deployed there.

“In fact, we have now confirmed that, in recent days, Russia has increased its presence along the Ukrainian border by 7,000 troops, some of whom arrived today [Wednesday],” said a senior official of the US administration, on condition that he not be identified, quoted by the Associated Press and France-Presse news agencies.

The new estimates would put the number of Russian forces closer to 150,000, a figure cited by US President Joe Biden in a televised speech earlier this week.

The same official said that although Russia had said it wanted to find a diplomatic solution, “its actions indicate the opposite”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday he had not seen any signs of a decrease in the concentration of Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders, saying he had simply observed “small rotations”.

Source: with agencies

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