Milled wheat price hits record 322.5 euros per tonne
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The price of milled wheat for delivery in March hit a record 322.5 euros per tonne, a figure boosted by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The blockade of Ukrainian ports, taking into account that Kyiv is the world’s fifth-largest wheat exporter, is one of the reasons that explain the evolution recorded, according to an Inter-Corte expert to Agence France Presse (AFP).

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine early Thursday morning, with ground forces and bombing targets in several cities, which have killed more than 350 civilians, including children, according to Kyiv. The UN reported more than 100,000 displaced people and nearly 500,000 refugees in Poland, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania.

The attack was condemned by the international community at large and the European Union and the United States, among others, responded by sending weapons and ammunition to Ukraine and strengthening sanctions to further isolate Moscow.

Source: with agencies

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