Ukraine: Killing Zelensky is the mission of more than 400 mercenaries after Kremlin order
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Information about this mission will have reached the Ukrainian government on Saturday morning.

More than 400 Russian mercenaries operate in Kyiv under direct orders from the Kremlin to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and members of the Government, with another mission being on-the-spot preparation for the Vladimir Putin regime to take control of the country, it learned The Times.

The Wagner Group, a private militia led by one of the Russian President’s closest allies and operating as an arm of the state, brought in mercenaries from Africa about five weeks ago on a mission to overthrow the Zelensky government in exchange for a sum of money. high money.

Information about this mission will have reached the Ukrainian government on Saturday morning. Hours later, Kyiv declared a 36-hour curfew to search the city for these elements, warning civilians that they would be seen as Kremlin operatives and risk being “shot down” if found on the street after the ringing of the bell. collect home.

The Russian offensive in Ukraine

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine early Thursday, with ground forces and bombing targets in several cities, which have killed at least 352 civilians, including children, according to Kyiv. The UN reported nearly 370,000 displaced people to Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the “special military operation” in Ukraine aims to demilitarize the neighboring country and that it was the only way for Russia to defend itself, with the Kremlin specifying that the offensive will last as long as necessary.

The attack was condemned by the international community at large and the European Union and the United States, among others, responded by sending weapons and ammunition to Ukraine and strengthening sanctions to further isolate Moscow.

Source: with agencies

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