Finland takes ‘historic’ decision to supply Ukraine with weapons against invasion
Sanna Marin

Announced the Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, at a press conference.

Finland – a member of the European Union, but not of NATO – announced this Monday the “historic” decision to supply weapons to Ukraine, following the Russian invasion.

“Finland will provide military assistance to Ukraine. This is a historic decision for Finland,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said during a press conference.

Finland will supply 2,500 assault weapons, 150,000 ammunition, 1,500 rocket launchers, and 70,000 campaign rations, said Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen.

“The change of line from Germany was particularly significant,” said Kaikkonen, to explain the decision, also on the line from neighboring Sweden.

Germany broke with its doctrine of not supplying weapons to countries in conflict, announcing the delivery to Kyiv of 1,000 anti-tank rocket launchers, 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles, nine artillery pieces, 14 armored vehicles, and 10,000 tons of fuel.

Traditionally, Finland, which has more than 1,300 kilometers of border with its Russian neighbour, does not export weapons to conflict zones.

Until now, this Nordic country had only decided to send bulletproof vests, helmets, and a mobile hospital to Ukraine to support this country against the Russian army.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson announced on Saturday that the country had taken the “exceptional decision”, unprecedented since 1939, when Sweden helped Finland invaded by the Soviet Union, and will send 5,000 anti-tank rocket launchers to Ukraine.

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