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According to Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, the governor of Sumy Oblast, more than 70 Ukrainian soldiers were killed during the Russian shelling of a military base in Okhtyrka. A Russian missile later hit the regional administration building on Freedom Square during a bombardment of Kharkiv, killing at least ten civilians, and wounding 35 others. In southern Ukraine, the city of Kherson was reported to be under attack by Russian forces. The Ukrainian government announced it would sell war bonds to fund its armed forces.

The Verkhovna Rada stated that the Armed Forces of Belarus had joined Russia’s invasion and had entered the Chernihiv Oblast earlier that morning. UNIAN stated that a column of 33 military vehicles had entered the region. The US disagreed with these claims, saying that there was “no indication” that Belarus has invaded. Hours prior, Belarus’s president Lukashenko said that Belarus would not join the war.

After Russia’s Defense Ministry announced that it would hit targets to stop “information attacks”, missiles struck broadcasting infrastructure for the primary television and radio transmitters in Kyiv, taking TV channels off the air. Ukrainian officials said the attack killed five people and damaged the nearby Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, Ukraine’s main Holocaust memorial.

An official from the US Department of Defense stated that Russian forces had captured Berdiansk and Melitopol. The official also stated that Russia launched approximately 400 missiles at Ukraine, whose anti-missile defences remain operational, that Russia has deployed launchers capable of firing thermobaric weapons but it is not known if thermobaric weapons are in Ukraine, that approximately 80% of the Russian forces that surrounded Ukraine are inside the country, and that some Russian units have either run out of food and fuel or surrendered.

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