“Without you, Ukraine will be alone”: the speech of the Ukrainian President to the European Parliament
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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, intervened this Tuesday at the extraordinary session of the European Parliament, reiterating that the Ukrainian people will continue to “fight to survive”.

“All the people who died are lives that are at stake” but “we will win, I am confident of that”, said Zelendsky, leaving an appeal: “I really wish that today (…) Europe would choose us.”

Acknowledging that the morning of Tuesday, the sixth day of the invasion, was “very tragic”, referring to the “two cruise missiles hit the city of Kharkiv” and that caused “dozens of deaths”.

This is “the city with the highest number of universities in Ukraine”, about two dozen, and normally very lively, he said, adding that what is the largest square in the country was hit by a missile. “It’s called Praça da Liberdade and it’s the largest in our country. Can you imagine cruise missiles hitting this square?” asked Zelensky.

Even so, the President of Ukraine assured that “we are fighting for our territory and our freedom”.

“We will fight to survive. We have proved our strength, prove that they will not leave us alone. And then life will win over death, and light will win over darkness,” Zelensky said.

But also “we are fighting to be part of Europe. Without you, Ukraine will be alone. Show us that you are with us, that you will not abandon us and that you really are Europeans. Glory to Ukraine,” he concluded.

A speech by videoconference that was given a standing ovation by MEPs.

Source: with agencies

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