Russians already feel the effects of sanctions
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The effects of international sanctions motivated by the invasion of Ukraine are already being felt in the pockets of many Russians. Faced with the sharp fall in the value of the Russian currency, the ruble, and fears of lack of liquidity, many try to withdraw savings from banks, but most without great success.

At a bank in Moscow, a man was saying: “There are huge lines everywhere. There were just seventy people waiting here, but there are few ATMs with cash.”

The war also worries the population, especially the younger ones.

“People start to be afraid. After Putin has taken the first step, who knows if he will give him a psychosis and push a button,” claimed a young Moscow.

Another said: “Of course, we don’t support war actions or any aggression. It’s always bad. No one will gain from it.”

There are also those who, despite defending peace, believe that the Kremlin was forced to act.

“The acts of our government were forced. It is very difficult to make predictions. We want peace. We need peace”, defended a resident of the Russian capital.

And there are still those who repeat the Russian president’s speech, pointing the finger directly at Kyiv.

One woman claimed: “They have been teasing Russia.”

Another read: “It’s the Ukrainians’ fault and Putin is right. I want to say this to the whole world: Putin is right.”

Among young people, who were born and raised during Putin’s two decades in power, opinions are divided between those who fear a massive military mobilization and those who simply fear challenging an omnipresent power all their lives.

One young man underlined: “There are fears. Everyone fears. No one would like to be in the middle of that.”

Another young Muscovite said: “We are afraid to go out on the street in this situation because Putin has all the power. The only thing we can do is raise our voice. We are against it.”

Source: With agencies

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