Ukrainian Armed Forces Say Belarusian Military Has Been Ordered to Cross Border and Attack
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Belarusian military forces have received orders to cross the border into Ukraine and will receive an indication to attack the neighboring country, which faces a Russian invasion, the General Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces revealed today.

Near the Volhynia region in western Ukraine and on the border with Belarus to the north and Poland to the west, “38 airborne assault brigades are in a wooded area”, said the source of the Armed Forces of Ukraine via the social network Facebook. .

“According to available information, the command of the military unit was ordered to cross the border with Ukraine,” he said.

According to the General Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “the order of combat will be given after crossing the border”.

The same source said that the moral and psychological state of the Belarusian forces is “very low” and that “the officers and military do not want to play the role of Russian mercenaries”.

“A significant number came out in favor of terminating the contracts, which mainly expire in May,” he added.

Belarus President Alexandr Lukashenko has reiterated on several occasions in recent days that he has no plans to attack Ukraine.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a three-pronged military offensive in Ukraine, with ground forces and bombings in several cities. Kyiv authorities have so far accounted for more than 2,000 civilian deaths, including children, and, according to the UN, the attacks have already caused more than a million refugees in Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania, among other countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin justified the “special military operation” in Ukraine with the need to demilitarize the neighboring country, saying it was the only way for Russia to defend itself and guaranteeing that the offensive would last as long as necessary.

The attack was condemned by the international community at large, and the European Union and the United States, among others, responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and strengthening economic sanctions to further isolate Moscow.

Source: with agencies

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