On the tenth day of the offensive, Several explosions were heard in Kharkiv.
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Here we follow all developments on the military offensive launched by Russia in Ukraine.

12:08 – Russia says “channels of dialogue” with the US continue to function

Russia declared today that it maintains “certain channels of dialogue” with the United States in the context of the crisis triggered by the Russian military offensive in Ukraine and the numerous economic sanctions enacted against Moscow.

“Channels for dialogue with the US are maintained,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said of the state of relations with Washington during his daily telephone press conference.

Peskov admitted that Russia is suffering from economic restrictions imposed by several countries, in addition to the US and European Union (EU) member states, but denied that this means its isolation.

“The world is too big for Europe or the US to be able to isolate a country, let alone one as big as Russia,” he said, adding that there are many more countries with “a more balanced, sometimes more sensible, view of dynamics of the development of international relations”.

“That is why we prefer, and we are convinced that we should not, talk about isolation. We trust that, sooner or later, our position will be assimilated by the countries – from the EU and NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization, English North Atlantic Treaty Organization] – who now have overly emotional positions and refuse to understand many things that are self-evident,” he insisted.

The spokesman for the Russian presidency stressed that the authorities are working on the development of measures to face the external economic pressure.

“It is an extraordinary situation for the economy, which requires extraordinary, unprecedented, courageous measures that respond in the best possible way to our interests,” he said.

Asked whether these measures include the decriminalization of the use of pirated computer programs, Peskov indicated that the “economic piracy” that is observed in much of the world must have the “respective answer”.

“Russia will respond, in one way or another, to this economic piracy, choosing the measures that best correspond to our interests”, he reiterated.

12:02 pm – Aeroflot cancels international flights from March 8

According to Reuters, Russian air carrier Aeroflot suspends all its international flights, except to and from Belarus, from March 8.

12:01 – Delayed evacuation of civilians from Mariupol

The president of the city denounces that the ceasefire was not respected. The mayor advised citizens to return to shelters.

The evacuation of civilians, which should have started at nine in the morning, Portuguese time, is therefore postponed for security reasons.

12:00 – Russia and Belarus suspended from Council of Baltic Sea States

Russia and Belarus have been suspended from the Council of Baltic Sea States (CEMB) in response to Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine and Minsk’s involvement in the conflict, according to the European Union.

According to the European Union’s External Action Service, quoted by the Spanish news agency EFE, Europe “agrees with the other members of the CEMB on the suspension of Russia and Belarus, which will remain in force until it is possible to resume cooperation based on respect for the fundamental principles of international law”.

The CEMB is composed of the European Union together with Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden and functions as a regional forum for cooperation between the countries that share the waters of the Baltic Sea.

Russia is one of the co-founders of the Council and Belarus is an observer state of the CEMB, whose presidency is currently held by Norway.

11:45 am – Turkey says ceasefire should be at national level

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu, considers that the humanitarian ceasefire decreed by Russia in two Ukrainian cities should be at the national level.

Ankara also defends that the ceasefire should be lasting and not just temporary.

Turkey is removing its citizens from Ukraine on buses and trains.

11:33 am – Italy freezes 140 million euros in assets to Russian oligarchs

The Italian government has blocked 140 million euros in assets under international sanctions imposed on Russian oligarchs, including the seizure of two yachts from businessmen close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, official sources announced.

11:12 am – British government advises all not on essential mission to leave Russia

10:55 am – Germany, United States and Netherlands reinforce NATO force in Lithuania

Germany, the United States and the Netherlands will increase contributions to NATO troops deployed in Lithuania, the Efe news agency reported today.

According to the Spanish news agency, which quotes Lithuanian defense minister Arvydas Anusauskas, the German Air Force will contribute defensive missiles, while the United States will send a battalion of armored tanks, with the Netherlands expected to increase its contingent. in that country.

Arvydas Anusauskas, quoted by Efe, also announced via Twitter that the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense will spend 40 million euros on new infrastructure to accommodate the additional troops.

10:43 am – Nearly 200,000 refugees have entered Romania since the start of the Russian invasion

A total of 195,848 Ukrainian citizens have entered Romania since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, according to Romanian authorities.

According to data from the Romanian Border Police, cited by the Spanish agency EFE, 132,500 of these people have already left the country for other destinations, mainly in Central and Western Europe.

Just last Friday, 28,235 Ukrainians entered Romanian territory. Of these, about 17,000 entered from Moldova, a country that borders Romania and Ukraine and from which tens of thousands of refugees also left.

Since the beginning of the war, more than 100,000 refugees have entered Moldova. Most made their way to Romania and other European Union countries.

10:32 am – Russian army controls Trostyanets

Russian troops have already taken one more town in Ukraine’s Trostyanets, in the north of the country. Information emerges that the military is controlling the ambulances and does not allow doctors to have access to civilians, only children.

It is the second Ukrainian city taken by the Russian army after the occupation of Kherson.

The Governor of the region has already confirmed the entry of the military and control by Russia. Several stores were looted and destroyed.

10:18 am – Poland received 106,000 refugees in one day, the most since the beginning of the war

Poland has received 106,000 refugees from Ukraine in the last 24 hours, according to estimates by the Polish authorities, which are the highest number since the war with Russia began.

As of Friday, Poland had welcomed around 650,000 displaced people, making it the main host country for refugees from Ukraine, reports the Spanish news agency EFE.

According to UN data released on Friday, around 1.2 million people have left Ukraine in the last ten days, of which 78,000 are not Ukrainians: They are essentially students or workers of 138 nationalities who lived in the country. .

10:04 am – Russia and Belarus discuss humanitarian corridors

The Russian and Belarusian foreign ministers are considering the possibility of creating humanitarian corridors that would allow foreign nationals to leave Ukraine.

9:54 am – Reporters Without Borders file complaint against Russia to the ICC

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Russia for war crimes in Ukraine, due to the attacks that destroyed antennas of radio and television stations preventing transmission, it announced today.

The complaint was formalized on Friday and is based on the argument that a broadcasting antenna cannot be considered a military objective if it is not used by the Army, if it is temporarily dedicated to military use or if it has both civil and military use. , explained today the RSF quoted by the news agency EFE.

In a statement, RSF adds that the television towers were for civilian use only, meaning that the attacks were against Ukrainian media, which Moscow accused of participating in an information strategy.

The press freedom organization also underlines the “intentional” nature of the towers’ destruction and the fact that they are being carried out on a large scale, revealing that there is “a deliberate plan”.

“Deliberately bombing various media infrastructures, such as television antennas, constitutes a war crime and demonstrates the extent of the offensive launched by (Vladimir) Putin against the right to information,” said RSF Secretary General Christophe Deloire.

9:40 am – PayPal suspends services in Russia

Payments company PayPal suspended its services in Russia this Saturday, in the face of “current circumstances”, joining many financial and technology companies that suspended their operations after the invasion of Ukraine.

The PayPal suspension in Russia also applies to its Xoom money transfer tool. Rivals Wise and Remitly previously suspended some services in Russia.

9:17 am – Russia has taken in nearly 175,000 refugees, 156,000 from breakaway regions

Russian authorities said today that they had taken in nearly 175,000 refugees from Ukraine since the invasion began, the overwhelming majority from the Ukrainian breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

About 156,000 people arrived in Russia from the two republics and another 18,000 from the rest of the country.

Among the refugees are more than 45,000 children, according to Moscow, reported the Russian news agency TASS.

8:56 am – Ukrainian ambassador warns of humanitarian crisis

Ukraine’s ambassador in Lisbon warns that there is a humanitarian crisis in cities already occupied by Russian troops.

Still, Inna Onivets is confident that Ukraine will win the fight against Russia.

8:34 am- Twelve million Ukrainians are “confined” in the country

The Director-General of the International Organization for Migration says there are 12 million Ukrainians “confined” in the country.

António Vitorino underlines that support for these people, who are already experiencing difficulties, is only possible through humanitarian corridors.
8:15 am – Zelensky guarantees he’s in Kiev

Already this morning, Volodymyr Zelensky published a new video, in which he guarantees that he remains in Kiev.

The President of Ukraine denies reports about the flight from the Ukrainian capital.
8:03 am – Singapore announces sanctions against Russia

Singapore today announced sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, making it one of the few Southeast Asian governments to do so.

“The sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of all countries, large and small, must be respected”, defended the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Singapore has imposed controls on exports or passage of goods linked to military or dual-use equipment, which can be considered “strategic goods”.

The government explained that the sanctions were aimed at restricting Russia’s ability to wage war and engage in “cyber aggression”.

State of play

A ceasefire is in effect in Ukraine in the cities of Mariupol and Volnovakha. Russia announced the suspension of fighting to allow a humanitarian corridor so that civilians can be evacuated.

“Today, 5 March, a ceasefire is announced starting at 10:00 am Moscow time (7:00 am in Lisbon) and the opening of humanitarian corridors for the departure of civilians from Mariupol and Volnovakha”, in eastern Ukraine, the Ministry said. of Russian Defense.

The Mayor of Mariupol reveals that food is running out and that there is no water, heating or electricity.

Marioupol, a city with around 450,000 inhabitants by the Sea of Azov, is “under blockade” and has been the target of “merciless attacks” for five days, wrote Vadim Boitchenko on the Telegram platform.

“Our priority is to achieve a ceasefire so that we can restore vital infrastructure and create a humanitarian corridor to bring food and medicine to the city,” he added.

Control of Mariupol is strategic for Russia, as it would ensure territorial continuity between forces coming from Crimea and those arriving from pro-Russian separatist territories in the Donbass region.

Source: with agencies

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