Eight Russian planes shot down in one day by Ukrainian troops
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The defense of Ukraine hit Russian fighter jets flying at low altitude with missiles.

As Russian attack planes and helicopters, equipped with missiles and machine guns, fly over several cities in Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers chose to wait until they were able to defend themselves, a technique with which, in the last 24 hours, they managed to shoot down at least eight Russian planes.

According to the WST Post, Ukrainian troops hide in trees and wait for Russian planes to lower their altitude. In defense, they fired missiles in order to hit them before the crew activated infrared and flares.

On social media, images of Russian fighter jets shot down in Ukrainian territory by military missiles have been released.

The invaders were the target of a brutal and direct blow. In the last 24 hours, a Mi-24 helicopter exploded instantly, after going up in flames. Upon reaching the ground the pilots and crew were already dead. It should be noted that the Russian planes eliminated were not only multifunctional but also for attack and close air support.

Source: with agencies

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