Russia has ‘robotic spheres’ to spy on war zones

A “robotic ball” equipped with microphones and cameras, used during spy missions in war zones, is among the technological weapons options Russia has at its disposal for the conflict in Ukraine, which began on February 24. The equipment has been under development for some years.

Officially named “Sphera”, the spy device has four cameras, providing a 360-degree view of the environment, as well as microphones spread over its body, whose shape resembles that of a grenade and refers to the droid BB-8 from Star Wars. Lights and a transmitter are also present in the device.

As the Mirror reports, the proposal is to use the robot in problematic war zones. The mechanism makes it possible to spy on the environment and assist the military in making decisions, before sending human soldiers to the site, based on the information collected.

Use in Ukraine?

Capable of operating in extreme temperatures, whether in the cold (minus 20ºC) or in the heat (45ºC), the small spy robots were designed to be effective in different types of battles. They were first tested in 2018 in Syria when Russia provided military support to the local government.

Photo by The Mirror


At the time, the military who used the device suggested some changes to make it better and more efficient, but it is not known if they were made. It is worth noting the high cost of using the equipment, as each of the Spheras cost £18,500.

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Photo by The Mirror

So far, there are no reports that the robotic spy balls were used by Russian troops in the invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the government led by Vladimir Putin is investing in other types of technologies, especially cyberattacks, waging a veritable cyberwar against the neighboring country.

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