US Secret Services study Putin’s mental state. The conclusions worry
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According to US intelligence services, Vladimir Putin’s actions may have been impacted by the two years of isolation. The profile that is drawn of the Russian leader reveals a paranoid personality that will tend to aggravate the situation.

US secret forces have made assessing Vladimir Putin’s mental state a priority in the last week, trying to assess his impact on the management of the Ukrainian crisis, according to CNN last week.

Now, the New York Times indicates that the debate, in this context, is centered on the last two years of the pandemic and on the possibility of its determination to occupy Ukraine having been impacted by the two years of isolation or by some feeling that this was the best. time to rebuild Russian influence and secure its legacy.

Citing conclusions from the information services, the American newspaper explains that, contrary to what happened with the Russian population, the president has spent the last two years in a tighter “bubble of protection” than other heads of state. The meetings were almost always by videoconference and when face-to-face, already this year, a safety distance is ensured, which has even become a reason for mockery on social networks.

Do not forget, also, the concern with access to biological material. Some leaders, such as Emmanuel Macron or Olaf Scholz refused to undergo a screening test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the meeting with their Russian counterpart, in an environment of bilateral distrust.

These concerns, intelligence services to the White House and Congress said, reflect their age (at 69, he would be a high-risk patient if he contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus), but also something they describe as paranoia stemming from their career as a spy in the service of the KGB (Russian secret services).

According to elements of the North American secret, Vladimir Putin tends to aggravate a situation when he feels cornered by his own excesses, describing a series of scenarios and possible reactions that range from the indiscriminate bombing of Ukrainian cities, to compensate for initial mistakes of his army, cyberattacks targeting the US financial system, or more nuclear threats and perhaps moves to take the invasion beyond Ukraine’s borders.

It is recalled that Russia launched, in the early hours of February 24, a military offensive against Ukraine and Kyiv authorities have so far accounted for more than 2,000 civilian deaths, including children. According to the UN, the attacks have already caused more than 1.2 million refugees.

The Russian invasion was condemned by the generality of the international community, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and reinforcing economic sanctions to further isolate Moscow.

Source: with agencies

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