China refuses to supply aircraft parts for Russian airlines
Aeroflot A320 VP BKX Sheremetyevo International Airport pic1
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China has refused to supply aircraft parts to Russian airlines, said Valery Kudinov, chef of the maintenance department of the Russian aviation authority (Rosaviatsia), according to reports to Reuters news agency. The Chinese industry is joined by Airbus, Boeing and Embraer, and many of their homologated around the world, not cutting supply to Russia.

The provision of peças in the midst of sanctions would prevent Chinese companies from dealing with clients from Europe and the United States. According to the Russian agency Interfax, quoted by Reuters, the country of Vladimir Putin would seek alternatives with Turkey and India.

A matter of Reuters also points out that the Russian regulator says that it is registering the planes locally (most were registered abroad, in places such as Bermuda or Cayman) and that many aircraft must be returned to the lessors. The report does not mention the number of aircraft to be returned in previous surveys, with 500 units allocated by Russian companies of Western landlords.

Another project in discussion in Russia can allow local airline companies to nationalize western planes and not return their donations, a drastic measure of the crisis, which can lead to disruptions that will impact the future of Russian aviation.

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