US says Russia has asked China for military and economic aid
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US officials refused to state the requests in question while warning China of the consequences of its actions.
Russia has been asking for military aid and economic support to deal with the war in Ukraine. The information was advanced by the Financial Times, and later also released by The New York Times, with both publications citing US officials.

According to the two websites, the sources declined to provide details on the type of equipment that Moscow had requested from Beijing. It is known that the intended aid also includes economic assistance, especially after the sanctions packages applied by the West to Russia, which range from imports of Russian products to boycotting financial systems, such as the international SWIFT system or access to bank accounts.

China continues to maintain a fairly neutral stance throughout the conflict, but The New York Times writes that Xi Jinping has strengthened relations with Vladimir Putin, moving closer to what Russia calls a “special military operation”.

For this reason, US defense officials continue to closely monitor China’s steps, namely the possibility of providing assistance to Russia.

For this Monday, a meeting is scheduled in Rome between the White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, with the director of Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Yang Jiechi.

The US official will intend to warn his Chinese counterpart in the event that China wants to help Russia in the future.

“We are saying directly, in particular to Beijing, that there will be consequences for efforts to evade large-scale sanctions or support Russia to fulfill them,” Sullivan told CNN on Sunday.

In response to US news, China only says that its top priority is to prevent tensions from escalating in Ukraine. The reaction was given by the Chinese embassy in the United States, which was quoted by the Reuters agency.

“The current situation in Ukraine is indeed disconcerting,” said spokesman Liu Pengyu.

Source: with agencies

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