Russian journalist who interrupts state television broadcast ordered to pay 256 euros

Marina Ovsiannikova was arrested and interrogated for 14 hours straight by the Russian authorities.

On Monday, Russian journalist Marina Ovsiannikova interrupted Channel 1’s main news program holding up an anti-war placard with the phrase “don’t believe the propaganda! Here they are lying to you” stood out. She was ordered to pay around €256 after being interrogated for 14 hours

Marina Ovsiannikova appeared at the Moscow court this Tuesday, accompanied by her lawyer, Anton Gashinski, and was eventually sentenced to pay a fine of 30,000 rubles (about 256 euros). “I don’t recognize my guilt.” “I remain convinced that Russia is committing a crime and that it is the invader of Ukraine”, said the journalist at the end.

Dmitri Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, called the act “hooliganism”, adding that “the channel and all those involved will go to the bottom”, according to Reuters.

Marina Ovsuannikova revealed, in an interview with the BBC, that she was interrogated for 14 hours straight and prevented from requesting legal assistance. Minutes before the trial, the lawyer made a point of publishing a photograph with the journalist on the social network Telegram to show that she was alive and in good health.

Marina, born in Odessa and daughter of a Russian father and a Ukrainian mother, said she felt “deeply ashamed” for having worked on Channel 1 and, consequently, having participated in “Kremlin propaganda”. “They will protest. Don’t be afraid of anything. They can’t lock us all up,” she stated.

The journalist’s attitude was highlighted by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskii, who was “grateful to the Russians who do not stop trying to tell the truth, who fight against disinformation and tell real facts to their friends and family, and personally to the woman who was to the Channel One studio with an anti-war poster”, quotes The Guardian newspaper.


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