Attention: The use of Russian Kaspersky antivirus is not recommended
Kaspersky Lab
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Kaspersky is no longer recommended in Germany and France

Kaspersky is guaranteed to be one of the best security suites currently on the market, but should we continue to use it after the events with the war in Ukraine? Some will say they don’t see any problem with it, but others think it’s time to choose another editor. Germany has already made its choice, and as you may have noticed from the title of this article, it is the second option.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, the action of military forces and/or intelligence services in Russia “is associated with a considerable risk of computer attack”, explained the Federal Bureau of Information Technology Security (BSI) in a statement. “A Russian computer manufacturer may carry out offensive operations, be forced to attack target systems against their will, or fall victim to a cyber-attack without their knowledge, spying on or used as a tool to launch attacks against their own customers.” he continued.

BSI warns that, in addition to companies, individuals using this antivirus may also be vulnerable. The German cybersecurity office invites anyone with questions to contact them, as this is a major threat.

Later, France’s National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (Anssi) made the same recommendation to the French.

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