The 69 Eyes: Jyrki 69 Releases Video For “The American Vampire” With Tim Skold
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Gothic metal icon Jyrki 69, frontman of The 69 Eyes, is ready to sink his teeth into the necks of audiences around the world with his new solo album, “American Vampire”, the follow-up to his debut effort, “Helsinki”. Vampire”, released in 2017.

Mixing covers and original songs, the new album features Jyrki alongside names like Tim Skold (Shotgun Messiah, Skold, Not My God), Steve Stevens, Billy Idol guitarist, Xiu Xiu, Tiffany, and others. The album’s first single is a version of “White Rabbit” and features Stevens’ virtuoso guitar work.

“American Vampire is a character somewhere between Vampire Lestat and Tony ‘Scarface’ Montana. When someone makes a movie with that title, they already have a song for it! The song was done by Tim Skold, a Hollywood legend and a survivor, it was fantastic making music with him!” commented Jyrki.

The album “American Vampire” was released on December 17th in various formats.

Source: Whiplash

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