Spies will already be studying how to assassinate Putin — but the coup could come from the Kremlin
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A former French spy, an expert in assassinations, says that plans are already underway to assassinate Vladimir Putin — but that the coup must come from within the Kremlin.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted an array of countries to condemn the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has ruled the country with an iron fist for nearly ten years. Could the end of the war be the assassination of the Russian leader?

A former agent admits that there will be spy agencies outlining plans to kill the Russian President.

“The operation is on the table of all intelligence agencies,” a veteran French Directorate-General for External Security (DGSE) agent told The Daily Beast. “I know this because I used to plan them,” the agent said anonymously.

Diplomatically, the eventual assassination of Putin is never called into question, as it would be a sensitive point that could exacerbate the current climate of tension. This is, as a rule, a topic discussed outside the press spotlight.

The now-retired spy expert on elimination said the most efficient method of assassinating Vladimir Putin would be with poison.

“The attempt will be from within the Kremlin. This is not an outside job,” the spy told The Daily Beast.

“Russian intelligence is probably the only one left to use poison,” says the Frenchman. Several Kremlin enemies were murdered in this way, from KGB defector Nikolai Khokhlov (coffee mixed with thallium) to Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko (dioxin-spiced dinner).

But the task of assassinating Putin is far from easy. The Russian leader is in the shadows of the war and, according to a Russian government source, Putin fired the roughly 1,000 people – from cooks to bodyguards – who worked for him and replaced them.

“I doubt Putin travels far by vehicle. There is no armored vehicle that can survive a few tons of explosives buried in the street,” said the former Gallic spy.

In this way, killing the Russian President “will be an expensive job, a fortune”, adds the agent, stressing that there must already be a fixed price.

Putin replaced 1,000 of his staff over fears of poisoning

Last month, Vladimir Putin replaced his entire personal team, which amounts to about a thousand elements, fearing that someone from his close circle could poison him, as revealed this Thursday by the American website ‘’. According to reports, the president of Russia now has at his disposal people tasked with tasting the food and drinks prepared for him.

“Cleaning staff, cooks and secretaries, a whole new group of people. The intelligence community’s assessment is that they are afraid,” Craig Copetas, contributing editor of The Daily Beast, pointed out in an interview, warning that the preferred method of assassination in Russia is poison.

Growing public opposition has made Putin increasingly paranoid about his safety and fears of a possible attempt on his life are growing.

This week, Vladimir Putin appeared on Russian state television to denounce Russian citizens who opposed “special operation” in Ukraine, having accused them of being spies and traitors.

Source: with Agencies

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