Bulgaria warns of drifting naval mines in Black Sea
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Bulgaria says explosive artifacts are adrift in the Black Sea. The naval mines come from the coast of Odessa and are part of the Ukrainian defensive device against Russia.

The Bulgarian government has warned of the presence of explosive mines that are adrift in the Black Sea and that were allegedly dragged from the Ukrainian city of Odessa, jeopardizing maritime traffic in the area.

According to a statement from the Bulgarian Executive, the explosive artifacts “were swept away by a storm and are floating in the Black Sea posing a threat to all vessels”.

The naval mines come from the coast of Odessa, Ukraine’s main port, and according to experts, are part of the Ukrainian defensive device against the landing of Russian forces.

Experts at the Naval Academy in Varna, Bulgaria, told Spanish news agency Efe that the mines could reach Bulgarian territorial waters within the next ten days.

Sofia’s government said that the Bulgarian navy and the country’s civil authorities are putting in place extraordinary surveillance measures and are preparing to neutralize naval mines.

“Residents living near the maritime area are asked to alert emergency services if spherical objects are discovered in the water or on the coast,” the statement adds.

The crews of commercial vessels sailing in the area have been warned to watch the sea with the utmost attention and immediately inform the coastal authorities if any suspicious objects are spotted.

Naval mines are left adrift, floating on the surface in case of breakage of the anchor cable that fixes the position.

Source: with agencies

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