From Bloating to ‘Paranoia’: “Putin’s Sick Brain Could Destroy the World”
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The Russian leader’s recent behavior shows what his mental state could be, says Allan Pease, an expert who taught Russia’s president body language.

His name is Allan Pease and he met the Russian president about 30 years ago, when Vladimir Putin was 39 years old. This Australian man was responsible for training the Russian leader in body language.

The techniques taught by Allan were quickly learned by the Russian head of state, until at least 2014, when the Australian last saw the president. Putin’s recent behavior, however, shows what could be his mental state.

As he said in an interview given to the British newspaper The Sun, “Putin’s diseased brain can destroy the world.”

Allan says that Putin’s behavior towards Ukraine has changed and deteriorated in a matter of months and that could have something to do with the president’s state of health, a fact, by the way, previously mentioned by other experts who have analyzed not only the behavior of Putin as well as his appearance.

“He’s gained a lot of weight, he’s got a lot of fat,” he began by saying. “Rumors among many of my friends in Russia are that he has colon cancer. Weight gain is often a symptom of treatment,” said the specialist.

According to Allan, the fact that Putin has always been “a fitness fanatic” and that he is in the physical state he is in now is evidence that he will be sick. Rumors are circulating in Russia that it could be cancer or Parkinson’s.

“He is no longer the confident leader in charge,” he said. “He is a man who is keeping everyone at a distance,” he adds, indicating that this demonstrates his growing “paranoia”.

Chance led Putin to know how to use body language

The world-renowned body language expert and best-selling author met Putin in 1991 in his hometown of Saint Petersburg, a year after the fall of the Soviet Union. The circumstances in which they both met were by chance.

Pease’s team was in Russia to fill a gap in the market, teaching politicians some body language tricks. Initially, three meetings had been arranged with then-President Boris Yeltsin, but he never appeared. As Pease’s team was in the former USSR documenting his teachings, they were able to arrange a meeting with Anatoly Sobchak, the then Mayor of St. Petersburg.

As the mayor could not be present, it was the ‘deputy’ in his place: Vladimir Putin, who was taking his first steps in the world of politics. The politician quickly started using the Australian’s tricks until recently, when he began to show some lack of control.

Remember that the Russian invasion began in the early hours of February 24, 27 days ago. Since then, at least 925 civilians have died, but the UN estimates this number could be significantly higher.

Russia did not expect such expressive resistance from the Ukrainian people who remain firm in the defense of their country.

Source: With Agencies

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