Poland announces plan to reduce Russian energy imports
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At the latest in May, the country will cancel Russian coal imports

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced a plan to reduce Russia’s energy imports and called on European partners to do the same.

Speaking at a press conference at the Mosciwska power plant in northern Poland, Morawiecki described the program as “the most radical in Europe” and said it was “necessary to eliminate the blackmail tools of (Vladimir) Putin and Russia”.

The main measure, canceling imports of Russian coal, will be adopted, according to the Polish prime minister, “in April, at the latest in May”, even if there is no consent on the part of the European Union (EU).

He also stated that his government intends to abandon oil imports from Russia “by the end of the year” and replace them with crude purchased from the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria, among other countries.

As for gas, Morawiecki assured that Poland will also stop receiving Russian supplies at the end of 2022 when the contract that Warsaw currently has with the Russian state company Gazprom expires and is not renewed.

In his remarks, the head of the Polish government alluded to Germany on several occasions, saying: “While others saw Russia as a trading partner, we already knew that for Moscow gas would be an instrument of blackmail.”

“Today, the German vice-chancellor admits that this dependence on Russia was inappropriate and stupid. We have to seriously face reality,” Morawiecki said.

The Polish leader also called on the European Commission “to impose a tax on Russian hydrocarbons” because he defends: “We cannot repeat the criminal policy that gave Russia petrodollars to build its war arsenal and attack its neighbors”.

“Today we are waking up from a geopolitical nap,” concluded Morawiecki.

According to official data, in the first quarter of 2021 Poland imported 6.2 million tons of coal, four of which came from Russia.

On Tuesday, the Polish government announced that it will pass laws to stop importing coal from Russia and freeze the assets and assets of people and entities that support the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The spokesman of the Polish government, Piotr Müller, added that these measures cannot wait any longer for the decisions of the European Union (EU) and therefore they were agreed on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers.

The proposed measures will go “beyond EU sanctions, as these require unanimity (from all member states), but in Poland, and thanks to the invocation of a safety clause, we are taking national measures”, detailed the spokesman. – Polish voice.

The list of personalities and entities that will be affected by the freezing of assets will be prepared by the Ministry of the Interior and will be made public in the coming days.

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