Russian planes equipped with nuclear weapons entered Swedish space
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Russia continues to threaten Finland and Sweden about the two countries’ possible NATO membership.

Four Russian aircraft will have entered Swedish airspace with nuclear weapons on board, reports Swedish television TV4 News.

According to Swedish army sources on the channel, two Sukhoi 24 attack planes and two Sukhoi 27 jets took off from Kaliningrad, an enclave that belongs to Russia but is surrounded by Lithuania and Poland.

The same sources said that the Russians were not keen to hide the nuclear weapons on board, stating that the action of carrying them “was something that the Russian pilots showed clearly”.

The air force published the images taken by the Swedish jets that intercepted the Russians.

The news comes at a time when tensions with Russia in northern Europe are also intensifying.

NATO has increased military exercises in the Finnish and Swedish territories, which are only observers in the alliance. However, the war in Ukraine has turned public opinion in both countries about possible NATO membership, and in Finland, polls showed that, for the first time, the majority of the country would vote to join.

The Swedish Armed Forces have not confirmed the information regarding the nuclear weapons, but have confirmed that a violation of airspace may have been deliberate.

“We consider this a conscious action. Which is very serious, especially for a country at war. We have analyzed the incident and of course we cannot rule out the possibility of incorrect navigation, but everything indicates that it was a deliberate violation of the Swedish borders.”, said Air Force Major General Carl-Johan Edstrom.

The Russians will have been in Swedish airspace for a minute, says the report that TV4 News had access to. The pilots flew over the skies of the island of Gotland, an island in the Baltic.

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