At least 20 civilian bodies were found on a street in the Ukrainian city of Bucha
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The bodies of at least 20 men in civilian clothes were found on Saturday on a street in Bucha, a town northeast of Kyiv retaken by Ukrainian forces after the Russian invasion.

One body had its hands tied, according to an AFP correspondent. The corpses were positioned for hundreds of meters. The causes of death have not been officially determined.

Russian troops recently withdrew from several locations near Kyiv after failing to encircle the capital. Ukrainian authorities announced that Bucha was “released”.

The fighting and bombings left an apocalyptic panorama, with large holes in residential buildings and destroyed cars in various parts of the city.

Sixteen of the 20 corpses were on or near the sidewalk of a street. Three were in the middle of the road and one in the courtyard of a residence.

A Ukrainian passport was found near the body with the hands tied.

All victims were in civilian clothes. Two were near bicycles and another near an abandoned car. Some were on their stomachs and others on their backs.

The condition of some bodies indicates that they had been there for several days.

Source: with agencies

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