Ukrainian helicopters reportedly destroyed fuel depot in Russia
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The governor of Belgorod accuses Ukrainian troops of having destroyed a fuel depot in that Russian city about 70 kilometers from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Telegram that the fire, which started this Friday morning, was caused by the attack of two Ukrainian helicopters, which did not claim responsibility for the attack.

The fire in the fuel depot, to be spread on social media, caused two injuries and forced the evacuation of people from the adjacent streets. It is the second allegedly Ukrainian attack on that city 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, days after an explosion at a weapons and ammunition depot, the BBC said.

“The fire at the oil depot occurred after an air strike by two helicopters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which entered Russian territory at low altitude. There are no casualties,” said Belgorod Governor Viacheslav Gladkov.

Emergency services said the fire had spread to eight crude oil tanks, each with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters.

“There is a risk that the fire will continue to spread,” said a source quoted by the official Russian news agency TASS, specifying that the oil deposit site houses a total of 27 tanks, 14 of them affected by the fire.

The Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations reported that around 170 firefighters and trucks were involved in the operations to put out the fire.

Source: with agencies

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