Viktor Orbán declares victory in Hungarian legislative
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Prime Minister defending “illiberal democracy” wins fourth consecutive term, this time against the united opposition. He celebrated the victory by saying the electorate preferred “conservative and Christian” politics.

“Everyone sees that conservative and Christian politics won,” Orbán said, celebrating his party’s “huge triumph”. While party leaders, activists, and supporters shouted “Viktor”. “We have won such a great victory that you can see it from the moon and you can certainly see it from Brussels”, he shot, in a barb at the European Union, of which Hungary is a member. At 58 years old, he takes 12 as head of government.

Habitually critical of European institutions and values, Orbán has been in line with the 26 others in sanctioning Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. Proximity to President Vladimir Putin and reluctance to condemn him directly does not seem to have cost him votes.

Peter Marki-Zay, leader of the opposition United for Hungary alliance, which has rallied political forces ranging from the left to the far right, was not even the electorate’s favorite in his home district. The preliminary result indicates a much larger margin than the polls predicted: although they had predicted Orbán’s victory several days ago, they pointed to a closer dispute.

The prime minister has received criticism from the EU in recent years for attacks on the rule of law. Justice, education and social communication are areas whose independence has been weakened by its Executive. Other targets are ethnic minorities or the LGBTQ+ community. In power since 2010, Orbán had previously ruled between 1998 and 2002. Sunday’s elections open the door for him to remain in power until 2026.

Source: With Agencies

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