Portugal gives expulsion order to ten Russian officials

The Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) declared Tuesday ten Russian officials as persona non grata and informed the Russian ambassador to Portugal that these officials have two weeks to leave the national territory.

In a statement, the MNE explains that the employees carry out “activities (…) contrary to national security”.

“It is further informed that none of these ten elements is a career diplomat and that they will have two weeks to leave the national territory”, reads the text sent to the newsrooms.

The Portuguese Government also reiterates the “firm and vehement” condemnation of Russia’s invasion and attack on Ukraine.

The decision of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by João Gomes Cravinho, follows the line of several other European countries, which announced the expulsion of Russian diplomats in recent days.

According to a count made this afternoon by the AFP news agency, the number of Russian diplomats expelled from several European Union countries since the invasion of Ukraine amounts to at least 260.

A measure that the Russian presidency (Kremlin) regretted, stating that this will only hamper the possibilities of communication at the diplomatic level at a time when “conditions are already difficult”.

Source: with agencies


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